Cannot get Optane M10 16gb to work as a storage device on Z97

I recently got my hands on an M10 16gb Optane module and I am having problems getting it to work as a storage device (not caching, I know that won’t work) on my z97 system. I just want to use it as a very small ssd for swap / scratch space.

My motherboard is a ASUS Maximus Impact VII and I have an i5-4690k. I have enabled the m.2 slot in the BIOS and the GPU is in x8 mode. I am running Windows 10.

The optane module is not listed in the BIOS. However, in the device manager there is a NVMe controller that is detected and disappears when the optane module is removed. I have tried both the Intel® NVMe Controller driver and the Standard NVM Express Controller driver and both yield a “this device cannot start (code 10)” error. Under events, problem is “0xA” and problem status is “0xC00000C2”.

From my understanding, the optane module should work in the system as a storage device but I cannot figure out how to make this thing work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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