Cannot get ENB to use second GPU (Crossfire 290s)

I swapped my 970 after I bought a 290 XFX from a guy at lan party (lan war, come to it it's fun) and took my brothers 290 for that awesome crossfire power.

Unfortunately, with an ENB I cannot get skyrim to use both GPUs. Both cards do work, without an ENB it shows GPU usage in both skyrim and CS:GO. Both get awesome frame rates. However with an ENB there is shown to be ZERO GPU 2 usage in GPU-z and afterburner.

I do have it running in fullscreen, with Vsync turned off in all of the inis including Mod Organizer's. As I said, crossfire is enabled and does work in other applications. ULPS is turned off.

Is there a specific line I need to write or do I need to change the "VideoAdapterIndex" in the enblocal under [MULTIHEAD] to something other than zero?

I have trolled through everywhere to find a solution. Nothing has worked.

Unless if someone came up with a fix in the past year that I've been away from skyrim modding, it can't be done. I could never get my crossfire 285s to work with skyrim.

You mean with an ENB right? I have it working in skyrim.

Yeah that's what I meant :P

I saw a forum post somewhere that someone got it working, but the only solution he had was to rename TESV.exe to Oblivion.exe. Use Oblivions CF profile, and edit the SKSE source code to look for Oblivion instead of TESV. None of that shit sounds appealing to me, but I might do it if there is no other solution.

I've tried that it didn't work (i suspect maybeit was because the 285 was in ita infancy) but it might for you, its easy to do just try it can't hurt. It's as easy as renaming a word document honestly.

I was thinking it could hurt a mods dependency issues or MO not seeing the skyrim executable, but it looks like it's my only option.

I had like 100 mods installed when I tried and it went okay other than not solving my issue.

Lol. Cool. I'll try it tomorrow.