Cannot format vista partition

i am running windows seven and windows vista. both are on separate harddrives. i need to format the vista partition without affecting the windows seven partition. and when i go to storage manager or whatever and right click to format it wont let me, its just grayed out. i need help with this as i am using vista on another computer and this one needs to be deleted by tomorrow. please help!

thats because theres a operating system in it. so you cant format from windows. Use a windows cd, vista, xp, or 7 and use that to format the drive.

i did that and now i get bootmgr not found so now i have to reinstall windows 7, oh well i guess technically it did fix the issue i posted about. guessing ur new to this installing os thing. your suspose to unplug your win 7 hdd when u delete or install an older os.

before you reinstall you might want to try repairing it. at this point whats it going to hurt. it sounds to me like the boot sector was written to the drive you wiped, although it could be other things... idk

The bootloader may have got installed on the vista drive. Just run a repair on the w7.



yeah that was the issue and i have repaired a whole bunch of times. i have tried the command line repairs too, no luck. guess ill just try again. and yes i am pretty new to reinstalling windows i dont do it a lot.

Get a ubuntu live cd reformat the drive in ubuntu using gparted to ntfs and then put your vista cd in it will boot onto the vista cd then pick the drive you selected done!

Boot Manager missing

You're fucked.

Install Gentoo

I thought you could fix the boot manager with the windows 7 disc, it'll find a existing copy of windows and it should be able to repair it.BTW, i barely read the thread so i have no idea if this is solved or not.

Pffft ot fucked.. more like.

Install a linux distro with a good bootloader (ubuntu and so on) .. Then windows will show.

yup, i was fucked. your 100% right. but instead of Gentoo because i have never heard of that distro i instead reinstalled windows 7 and was super pissed.