Cannot Connect to Truenas Scale Over WG VPN

Any Ideas why I cannot connect to my Truenas Scale server over a wireguard VPN with ~173ms ping to my pfsense router?

I am running the wireguard package on pfsense 2.6.0 (wireguard package version 0.1.6_2). I have access to my home network and the LAN that my pfsense machine and my truenas machine are on. I have access to my pfsense box and other devices on that LAN. When I am at my house I can access the truenas scale box over wifi and ethernet. I am currently away from home with a ping back to my pfsense box as shown below.

25 packets transmitted, 25 received, 0% packet loss, time 24034ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 171.316/172.613/175.508/1.121 ms

From my current location I cannot access the management login portal for my Truenas Scale box or connect to it through the NFS share that I have setup. I am using the firefox browser on fedora linux to try connecting to the web portal and a fstab entry for NFS mounting.

I upgraded to Truenas Scale from Truenas Core over the holidays when I was home. When I was running Core I could reach the management portal with no issues, but mounting the NFS share was hit or miss.

I think that this must be ping related, but I don’t know what mechanism would cause the ping to be a problem, especially since pfsense works great over the VPN.

I would appreciate any ideas on what the problem might be or how to potentially fix the problem.


My bet is on MTU, lower the MTU of the tunnel and see if it fixes it

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