Cannot change keyboard layout in KDE plasma 5 and freezez as a result

Hi l1 community I looked everywhere online looks like I’m the first to have this problem.
So here how it goes. Reinstalled (clean) manjaro about a week ago) and all went well, installed nvidia drivers, optimus manager steam etc…
All went well until I needed to use other language layouts on my pc to write a document or two. Went to settings>Input devices>keyboard>layouts and added the second one i needed, pressed apply the whole system froze for a solid 5 seconds (i have a swap and 8gb ram and nothing running) and it eventually came back and the layouts at the bottom appeared, added a couple of switching shortcuts and closed it. Now i tried switching by shortcuts it didn’t work stuck on the English one i installed the system with. Okay strange but lets try the applet and right click and change it. Pressed the other layout. Didn’t change okay this is getting strange. I tried removing the English layout and it froze again and still didn’t change. Tried to do it via terminal setxkbmap -l and it worked i wrote in the document and worked (even the applet at the bottom changed). So now i have a working way to change layout only via terminal.

In tl:dr; Kde plasma fresh installed cant change layouts and causes system freezes have to do it via terminal.

I don’t know where to start to debug this there isn’t a KDE-keyboard module to reconfigure or debug as far as I know.

If it helps I recorded a clip of it locking up and