Canned Air Cooling

Just a silly idea / Question for you folks that have perhaps tried it. Has any one tried turning a can of air upside down and just spray it on a heatsink, heat pipes, or radiator to see what kind of results come about?

Also another thing I'd like to know is if the propellant that comes out in liquid form is conductive and puts electronics at risk? Unfortunately I don't have a spare rig laying around to test this on and don't want to try it on my own personal one. 

Thanks in advance!

1)That stuff isn't cheap, so it's rather wasteful.

2)If it's designed for PC cleaning, it's a non-conductive substance that won't leave residues, but they never intended it for use in an active machine. So, not recommended using it against the label's instructions.

3)The sudden cooling shock has the potential to cause issues, so, not recommended.

4)That stuff is cold enough to cause frostbite very quickly, so eye protection and gloves are a must if you're insistent on trying it. Still, not recommended.

Noted on all above things. And I figure a $8 can of air to play around isn't too big of a deal. I didn't ever consider it for an actual cooling solution, but was just curious if it would be dangerous to the components in my system. Thanks!

I goofed around with this one day years ago. It was on an AMD Duron 600Mhz O.C. to 927Mhz. I had a burn in utility running and was monitoring temps. A good 3-5 second spray would drop temps as much as 30 F nearly instantly. This was purely to satisfy my at the time sleep deprived curiosity.