Canadian PC Build?

I know you did one is August two years ago, but two years in the tech world in like 10 in the real world!  What do you think of maybe making an updated PC build for 700$?  Thanks for reading.

Here's one I just whipped up. Obviously it's hard to know what is needed, so this will play some games at reasonable FPS at low/mid settings. Should be fine for HD video, most regular PC stuff (web browsing, word processing etc).

Not a hard core gaming rig but should do fine for your generic entry level gamer and is expandable down the line to bring it up to a higher gaming capability.

Edit: Helps if I post the link...

This will do a lot better for the same price. The only issue is that the 970 platform won't support SLI. You have to go with the 990fx platform to support SLI.

Alternatively, for the same price you get the R9 270x if you want to stick with the 970 board and crossfire in the future, but you might want to get a 650w PSU if you want that capability.

Edit: First build only had a single 8 gig stick of RAM. Switched it out for a dual channel kit

+1 here