Canadian members - Headphones for gaming

What type do you have? opinions on with pro/cons?price? And how long have you had them for? thanks in advance

I have ...

My son nor I ever got much use out of this as we preferred to game without headsets. I picked them up when they were heavily discounted at EB Games. I got them for $59.99 plus tax. In terms of appearance the headset has a nice look but man is it oh so heavy. Also the padding on the top that rests on your head should be sufficient but because the headset weighs so much it ends up pushing down on your head and hurts a bit. Now maybe if I used them more I'd get used to them but whatever. In terms of the sound from the mic and what was heard through the headset I really don't recall the quality as it has been so long since using them. I am not an audiophile so I am not that fussy but it would have been hard to top the enjoyment I still get from my Logitech 5.1 speakers that sound great and produce great bass. My son and I never really gave the headset a chance. As for how long I have had the headset I honestly can't remember when I got it but I see the headset isn't really that old. I might have gotten that good deal pretty early into the life cycle but it had to be at least one year later after production. That would put it at 2012 I think.

I have V-MODA M100 with the Boom Mic and XL Memory Cushions. Overall I like them. I've had them for about a year and a half and they are quite satisfying if you like your music with a small boost in bass. Personally, I think they are a good pair that sits in between gaming and music headphones.

I think it depends on the person, in the winter, I can keep em on for like 3 ~ 6 hours before needing to take em off.

I paid like $450-500 CAD total for my set.

@Novasty ouch on the price

I got myself a HyperX Cloud headset. Prices and sales are decent, even for us Canadians, bought mine on sale off NCIX. They have good sound, nice long cord with included extension and inline remote and very decent detachable mic.

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@adamjp did you get the clould I or II

i wear AKG K7XX headphones while gaming, i use the Antlion modmic for VoIP communications and my "carry around pair" are the senheiser HD 8 DJ's.

I have the cloud I, but I've heard the II is good too

Personally it comes down to price, I love my HE-400s and HD600s for gaming but they're out of reach for many.

on a budget, philips SHP9500 for open, HyperX cloud II for closed

Out of the all the brand i've owned i'd say anything by beyerdynamics or senhieser

It was worth it for me. I forgot to mention I had additional cost getting custom shields.

I don't remember what each piece costed but here is what I remember.
- Headphones: $300~375
- Ear Cushion: $35 ~ 45
- Boom mic: $45
- Shields: $25 ~ 35