[Canada] I need help choosing a 60Hz IPS panel. $100-200

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated, I tried looking on my own before posting but it was way too hard because I kept second guessing myself due to the fact I never bought a monitor before (only used laptops) and because of that I pretty much only know about/trust the Asus IPS Pro-Art Series because it's the only brand I know that will have the color performance I desire for my games since a friend linked me and explained a lot about the series.

So down to business, I hope someone can help suggest a great bang for buck IPS 60Hz monitor with similar performance/price as the linked monitor below. My GPU is a Asus R9 290x.

If there really aren't any good deals right now, I'd rather just wait.

The only panel I trust for the price is this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236424. If I lived in the states I would buy this instantly but I live in Canada so gg.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.


This is my personal favorite at the moment. The ultra thin bezel is awesome for multi monitor. 

Hey guys so I literally just bought the Dell monitor Xoz129 mentioned a couple of days ago. I actually posted a thread on here asking about different panel types. Having it right in front of me I can say a few things;

1. The screen is glossy, in case you didn't already know that, please consider it. As someone who had been unknowingly been using matte screens and thought that was the norm, the jump to glossy is noticeable but not deal-breaking. If your current desk/office setup has a lot of light right behind you, be aware of the glare, as it will be noticeable.

2. The thin bezels are awesome. They really don't affect performance or anything, but they are great to look at and even non-computer people make note of them.

3. As for the color accuracy, I'm not sure. This is the first high end panel I've ever purchased, so I have no idea as to what constitutes good color. I can definitely say that its pretty to look at, but I have no frame of reference for that kind of thing.

My only other thoughts are that the build quality is pretty good, its definitely plastic, but It doesn't feel too fragile. Dell's packaging was phenomenal, so aside from particularly feisty delivery people have no fears for getting a damaged one. Good luck to your searchings and I hope I helped!