Can you "upgrade" your Motherboard with different CPU Brands? (and not reactivate Windows)

Hey, I just acquired a Dell Inspiron 3050 for less than the price of Windows and I'd like to know if anybody's had success with a Motherboard swap going from Intel to AMD or Vice-Versa using this method:

Will the Windows DRM notice the change and think it's being stolen?

With win7 switching from AMD to Intel went fine if you uninstalled the graphics and chipset drivers first. Haven't tried on later releases tho

Depends on your windows license.
If its OEM, your activation will most likely breake.
But you could probably get it re-activated using the phone activation method, telling them that your motherboard and cpu died.

If you have retail copy of windows, it should be no problem re-activating with a new mobo.


Just grab windows 7 for free somewhere man

Agreed with @MisteryAngel, a phone call works best for oem keys, kind of like social engineering, you tell them your PC fried and you got these free parts from friend now windows doesn't work then the Yb take pity on you and active your key.

Yeah, I've heard of calling MS to get it to work.

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It has the oem key on it still right?
Without it you are sol
Edit, it should also be on the control panel under system right?

Well, it doesn't have the sticker with the key on it, but I was able to extract my Windows key with a VB Script.

Good, now write it on your forehead so you don't forget!
Joke, but really write on like 10 things so you don't lose it.

I have it in a text file called "key.txt"

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I have called MS plenty of times to get the OEM key switched... It takes a little time, but it is worth not spending on getting a new registration key!

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Hey, I spent $92 on the package, I might as well get the most out of it. If I can upgrade my motherboard, I pretty much got Windows for $92 and use the spare parts as a Server.

if your using windows 8+ then odds are the oem key is registered to the bios of the old motherboard. a retail key is supposedly good for 3 transfers.