Can you trick an engine to think you're using Intel

I have this problem in Mass Effect 1:

Black Pixels

As you can see it affects the characters and dynamic objects (explosive barrels and so on). Now, there is a fix that disables the lighting but it makes the game look like crap.

So can you trick the game engine into thinking it's using an intel? (Unreal Engine 3)

I found this on wikipedia:

The Bulldozer cores support most of the instruction sets implemented by Intel processors available at its introduction (including SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AES, CLMUL, and AVX) as well as new instruction sets proposed by AMD; ABM, XOP, FMA4 and F16C

It may have to do something about 3D Now being removed from the FX CPUs. If so, is it possible to make the game use SSE?