Can you suggest me which earplugs to go for?

Hi guys, my Samsung s4 earplugs broke down and I need new ones, I don't really care if with mic or not I just want them to have a really good bass and crispy sound, maximum price is.. around 70€.Thanks in advance.

You mean Beats-like bass or a good clean earphone that does bass justice?
I can suggest you the Sennheiser Momentum in ear. I mean they cost around 70$ and they're one of the best pair of earphones you can get in my opinion.

I was looking at them as well but I read a lot of reviews on amazon about their bad build quality ? And by a "really good bass" I mean really good one, I wanna make my ears feel it, after all my s4 earplugs came close to that so I don't expect less from sennheiser xD I also want them to be extremely durable provided that I take good care of them, I'm gonna be in uni next 3 years and just wanna buy earplugs that might cost me a bit more but will last me long and have an amazing sound. Someone recommended me the Shure SE215 but I don't know ..

And what about the Sennheiser IE60 btw ? Are they as good as they seem on paper ? Or are there some flaws with them ?

I bought some less expensive pair of Sennheiser earphones and they're build like tanks. Currently I'm really beating the hell out of a pair of CX300-II and they hold really really well. Also a pair of CX175 went through a cycle in the washing machine and came out still functioning like nothing happened. This is my experience with this two pair, I don't own a pair of Momentum in ear so I can't say for sure if they're built as well as those are.
To be honest I think the Momentum in ear are not what you're looking for sound wise, they're probably too flat on the bass end. That can be somehow fixed with an EQ but it's not the same thing. I've seen Sony earphones with frequency response in the 5-10Hz on the low end so that's probably what you're looking for.
Can't say anything about the IE60 but probably same flat sound as the Momentum.

My old headphones were not working well. Then my cousin recommended me SoundMagic HP150 full size headphones. I am very happy with it because of high fidelity base sound and noise cancellation features. You can shop online these affordable headphones for best deals.

I'd suggest house of Marley Rasta.
Okay so they're not the most expensive ones but for me lasted 2 years with heavy use.
I could definitely feel bass off them.