Can you suggest Electronic music with Gothic (metal) influences?

Sort of a mini trend I noticed is Gothic metal bands experimenting with various electronic music to the dismay of many fans. Namely Theatre of Tragedy and Theatre Des Vampires. I, however, am sort of digging it. There just seems to be elements of gothic metal that translates well into electronic music. I'm not looking for any specific electronic genres, just any that carry the elements of Gothic metal.

Example 1: Black As The Devil Painteth



Example 2: La Danse Macabre Du Vampire



Another Mix:

Can any one make any suggestions along these lines?

I'm on mobile so I didn't listen to those songs you have listed. But base on your requirements, you can try Celldweller, Blue Stahli, and maybe Richy Nix. Celldweller (who was in Circle of Dust) and Blue Stahli's songs combine elements of other genre and they tend to get the tone right.

I have a massive thread on stuff like this, you'll most likely find something here