Can you still get windows 10 for free?

The people who used the windows 10 tech preview are receiving a windows 10 copy for free but can you still use the tech preview and then get windows 10 for free???

Also I have windows 7 can on my SSD already but it's a doggy copy which is why I don't want to get windows 10 from that, but can I dual boot my existing windows 7 with windows 10 until I'm happy with windows 10 and then get rid of windows 7 so it's just a windows 10 boot??

I believe now, people that are using the Tech Preview will receive beta builds and be bug testers for windows 10.
Why not just reserve your copy of Windows 10 on your Windows 7 install? The 29th is just around the corner and once your W7 activation is tied to W10 you can do a fresh install.

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it's a illegitimate copy and I don't know if there will be limitations with the pirated versions of windows 10.

Ah I see. Well you should be able to use windows disk manager to delete the windows 7 partitions while in W10 Technical Preview. I am assuming the Technical Preview was installed second so it should have the MBR for the disk to properly boot. Once the W7 partition is deleted extend the W10 partition. By the time W10 is rolled out you will get the major patch to make it W10 but will receive the beta builds. As far as I know this is how the process will be but Microsoft can change it as they please.

I haven't installed win 10 tech preview yet do you know how I can install it as dual boot?

You can't install tech preview unless you have the .iso. All the keys for that are now disabled and that includes the original Distribution node. Just buy a legitimate key. Your idea of getting around the system won't work. Stop being a cheap ass, or get an OEM key from an older 7 machine or learn Linux.


I'm not troubled! Someone will pirate the full version guarantied.

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I don't think microsoft cares about piracy so much, otherwise they'd probably do worse things than not let you change your desktop background. Not to mention people trying to get into PC gaming on a strict low budget can't really afford to shell out 100 bucks for a license, if they made like the consumer/home version much more affordable, I'd imagine more people would be willing to buy it just for securities sake.

And I give it like a week before 10 becomes cracked.

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Can you get Windows 10 for Free?

Here's a few points

  • Windows 10 is free if you have a legitimate license of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 on your PC. if you have this. you most likely have a Windows icon on your desktop to inform you that your PC is ready for "Windows 10" and it will prompt you to "per-order it" it's not like any pre-order. it's basically means as soon as you July 29th comes your PC will update to Windows 10 Automatically.
  • If you HAVE Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 HOME edition. you will get a Windows 10 HOME edition upgrade to your PC. (This version removes ALL control of Windows update to the end user.)
  • IF you have Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PRO or ULTIMATE edition, you will get a Pro edition upgrade to your PC. (You get FULL control of the PC including stopping windows updates [if you wish] and Hyper-V, Bitlocker, AAD, Domain/Policy control EDP containers and whole list of extra features)
  • IF you have Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 ENTERPRISE edition you will get a Windows 10 Enterprise edition.
  • The Windows Insider program is now officially closed. you CAN'T sign up. Microsoft isn't releasing .ISOs anymore. all previous Preview builds have been deactivated. All insiders got the RTM build first. AND relieved a FREE PRO edition upgrade regardless of what "Windows" edition you had.
  • YOU CAN however sign up for the NEW insider program after July 29th. Microsoft is going to make a new one to test out future preview builds later on. of course there are some cons of doing this. like testing beta software.

Hmm. I have a legit 8.1 Pro on this PC, and I haven't seen this windows icon anywhere. shrug

--It appeared about a half hour ago! What a coincidence.

I don't think Microsoft can detect non genuine Windows 7 copies. Some of the cracks for W7 allowed users full use of MS updates and the OS is recognized as genuine by pretty much everything. I suggest that you wait a while after release and read about other users with illegal copies who've upgraded to 10. I'm willing to bet that it won't be a problem. Microsoft just has to say that they're not officially supporting pirated copies for legal reasons. But in reality there's noting they can do about it.

Ya but who actually wanted a crack for 8?

Why not just keep using 7?

Yeah, just a matter of time.

Actually most of "The Industry" stood with Windows 7 in the back-end. so that's not an excuse. if you bought any recent computer, of course it came with Windows 8 cause it was new. Microsoft was promoting a new product. AND it was terrible for the desktop end-user. but they still sold it to people.

You have an option for everything. maybe this time around Microsoft is trying to get EVERYONE off the older OSes by giving it away to people. but you always have a choice. The industry moves forward WAAAY TOO FAST on the hard-ware side of things. on the software side it's actually really slow.

as good a reason as I've ever heard

I'd move to 10 if they allowed me to upgrade from one of the 10 vista licenses I have lying around.

I don't give a shit. Save your money or learn Linux. Being poor is not an excuse for piracy. I have been horribly poor, yet I some how saved and struggled through.


Perhaps someday if I even plan to use windows for commercial use.

ppl say they aint got no money, but they got money for chuck taylors and weed and movie theater money.

I remember being so poor all I had per day to eat was a can of corn or green beans. And then we'd all pitch in and get chicken or something once a week and cook that. This was after Hurricane Rita when rent skyrocketed during the reconstruction.

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