Can you run android on a PC

i want to know if you can run android on a pc because i am looking for something different to run on a pc till i get windows for it

I don't think so, you can emulate it, but android is linux so I suggest either Ubuntu, Mint or Zorin Linux distrobutions

Emulate yes, run natively no. Android is made for ARM cpus not x86 (though it has been ported to atom by intel)

I got android to work on a laptop before the arm devices came out, was completely useless as an os for the machine, but was blazing fast....

There's already several tutorials on how to install Android on a PC. I did several time but there were no successful attempts to get network working. Give this site a go:

That's where I got the build

destroyed007 you're awesome, I wonder if any of the builds will work on run of the mill PCs?

I would just use Zorin OS for the time being. Lot easier to install.

Hey guys have you seen this BlueStacks program? It's only for AMD cpus but looks very promising! Check it out here:

its pretty straightforward to install