Can you recommend me a quiet power supply?

I recently built this pc:

And the loudest thing at idle is the PSU.

I noticed it when I finally got the corsair fans under control..

Sometimes the PSU sounds like it's vibrating.. so it sounds kinda bad, but sometimes I have noticed it less.

I don't know if this is just how it sounds, or if I need to RMA it to EVGA.

If it is just how it is suppose to sound I may just sell it and use the money to upgrade to a quieter PSU.


Any reccommendation for a good quality, PSU with low noise, for $100 or less would be greatly appreciated.

650W is more then enough for your build, Seasonic Corsair RM / HX series are also decent. or XFX.

I have to say i have an Enermax  its very silent. but hell expensive. ☺

I called evga customer support and the guy issued me an RMA, so hopefully it is just this PSU that is bad.

I've had wonderful luck with XFX psu's Mine is dead silent even under a good load. Loudest thing in my case is my H100i.

yeah you should allways do that. ☺

I had the same problem with my previous psu, a cooler master GX-lite 700W. gosh that thing was annoying with coil wine.

yeah well i did returned the CM to the shop and they said there was nothing wrong with it. well i left it there and gave a few bucks to them, and they offerd me the Enermax. never regret. its the most silent psu i ever had, but it was expensive. the only con is that its rediculous heavy.

i'd say a corsair RM would be a good option for u, check ebay they are pretty cheap on there me thinks, but i dont live in the states so who knows compared to new egg and all the rest :)

The weight of it is probably a really good thing.. unless weight matters it just sorta shows that its got crazy strength and stuffs

Agree the RM series are great. ☺ i recommend them alot if they are on sale.

Yeah if my h100i fans are above 50% then they get pretty loud. I was thinking of buying the regular fans. I think the stock h100i fans come with faster motors that go up to like 2000 rpm that's why they get loud.. I think... don't quote me on that.

Well hopefully there is actually something wrong with this evga psu, and the new one will work. If not, I bet evga will charge me for sending them a working psu for rma lol..

I've always been so confused by Corsair's product naming scheme... RM, TX, AX, CX etc..

well the naming has everything to do with the level op product, the AX is the top of the then line then comes RM, HX then TX and the lowest end are those CX builders.

But with the HX series in particular there is something strange, because they used 2 diffrent units inside. HX450/550/650 are seasonic units. the HX750/850 are CWT.. i dont realy understand corsairs choice on this point.

Ummm... The Corsair RMs don't have that good quality capacitors. 

I would personally recommend the Antect HGC 620w M to anyone, I have used it constantly for the past year now and have had no problems. It has a 5 year warranty, all Japanese capacitors, and over all a really good build quality. And of course it is 80 plus certified. On top of all that awesome stuff, if you delve a little deeper into its review it provides some of the cleanest power out of almost all power supplies. Well maby other then its bigger more expensive High Current Platinum brethren.