Can you recommend anti-virus / security software?

Can you guys recommend some software to deal with security, virus's and all in between. (an "All in one" if possible)

NOTE - I want to pay for the software, and not get a free version (as many free versions don't offer much)

Thanks in advance.

I use "Avast!" Its a very good software, and Uses little system resources. It also Talks to you. Not important functionallty. But I think its cool to hear "Avast! Virus Database, has been updated." It has a great firewall and rootkit scanner, as well as real time scanning.


It also Doesnt work like other AVs do. It looks for the BEHAVIORS of viruses, to stop them, not by the virus type/name like the others. It will catch new/unknown Viruses before the others would.


Also, If you do the free trial, or put in a cracked key, It will alert you that you need to upgrade to the full version, and give you a discount :)

I also like avast but I recommend disabling the audio notifications.

The best anti-virus is you don't download risky things or go on risky websites. As for a program to use I use security essentials because it will detect most stuff and if you don't download stupid things you will never need a program to remove things in the first place.

Lately, if you play a Java based game, watch a .flv video, or even open a .pdf file, you can be infected. even .jpg can be dangerous.

Go to this website and read their benchmarks and analysis reports before making a decision. They are quite thorough. For the time being, Kaspersky and F-Secure seem to be at the top of the food chain, far beyond anything else.

I’ve used a lot of AV and IS Suites, both free and paid for. Used Avast for quite some time, and Nod32, and in both cases found out later to be infected with some viruses they just did not detect.

I cannot stress enough the importance to look for and download at the Vendor’s website, an uninstaller for the particular software you decide on. I’ve had really bad experiences with reputable vendors where the normal uninstallation rendered my OS unusable. I had to backup many gigabytes of data, and reinstall the OS from scratch. (All software and updates too). Even more, when you are ready to install the software, create a restore point just before the procedure.

If I can recall correctly I think it was F-Secure the one that destroyed my Win7 installation when I decided to remove it. And it was running smoothly, with zero conflicts.

On another occasion, AVG developers just destroyed thousands of customer’s OSes on a really bad data base update. I remember dodging that bullet for a couple of days: I’ve uninstalled it two days earlier :D

Anyway, for me the three most important aspects of any security solution are, in order of importance:

Detection rate, system requirements (specially RAM memory needed) and overall performance. I don’t care that much about false positives or other things, since on most cases you would know what to do in case of an AV warning.

But it’s of no use to have “the best” AV if it will turn your pc into a crawling piece of shit, craving for any resources it can scavenge.

I most certainly recommend Kaspersky, but there are many good choices, just read a little and you’ll save both time and headaches.