Can you recommend a decent setup for TV/chair gaming?

I'm looking for a keyboard and mouse to use with my Xbox replacement pc. I have it setup in my bedroom, and I have a chair a footrest in front of my tv. Should I go wireless or wired? Can you recommend a specific setup that is under $60 combined? I have ordered a 360 controller for pc that I plan to use on most games since I am used to using it as compared to a mouse and keyboard, but I am still open to that fact of transitioning to mainly keyboard and mouse, as that seems to be the prefered way to play.


Any and all advice is appreciated.

I have my computer connected to my 50" Samsung plasma with a 23" Acer monitor on a TV tray next to the couch.  Eventually, I'll buy a nice wall or desk mount for the monitor so I can swing it out of the way and make it look nicer.

I use a Logitech K400 keyboard with a built in trouchpad and a Logitech G700 wireless mouse.  The K400 isn't the best for gaming, but if you are casually browsing, it's perfect to pick up and use for general computer stuff.  

I'd recommend getting something like the Logitech M705 for your mouse, and maybe the Logitech K270 for the keyboard.