Can you network internet from a USB?

I’m experiencing problems getting my mint 20.3 operating system to register internet through the Realtek 8125B Lan as well as the Intel wifi 6E AX210 chips the motherboard I purchased has. I have an older Laptop that has no problems receiving the internet so until this gets address properly would I be able to network my new PC internet from my laptop using a USB connection?

yes, if the USB internet adapter is working and its driver loading, should be as simple as dhclient /dev/usb0. i do this with my smartphone quite frequently

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USB adapters are however known be rather flakey and poor quality, the branded ones by lets say Lenovo and HP seems to be a bit better though in terms of build quality. The general consensus seems to be to avoid ASIX based ones and go for Realtek RTL8153 based ones.

I have a cheap 9€ USB-C 1Gbit RJ45 NIC, works. Although I have proper wifi at home, I just like to be plugged in via copper.

Yes it can be done but it is more effort than just buying a supported USB adapter.

If you have an Android phone with Android 11, you can USB tether your system via the phone and use WiFi instead of cellular data.