Can you make a how to video for Save game syncing?

If you are like me and have 3 to 5 computers (mostly gaming machines) you know that it can be hard to play games when trying to continue from you left off. While steam does cloud save for certain games it doesn't offer any service for cloud save/syncing for non cloud save games.

BitTottrent Sync can supposedly do just that. You can even set it to only sync specific files in certain folder to different computers.

Is there any chance you might conisder making an how to or Mak's Hacks video?

P.S. Can you do some more cooking videos?

Why not have a cloud storage service sync your game saves?
Skydrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc?

Use a local NAS that all the systems can access and tell each pc to locate the saves on it.

because to use the nsa i would have to be in the house, with BitTottrent Sync i could be any where with internet. as far as skydrive and google drive you have to manualy copy the files.

I have 260+ steam games, that's a lot of save games to managage, where as with a program like this it can all be autmated and setup to be used when out side of the house, say if you whent on vacation in another state or something like that.

"oh man, i forgot my GTA III save, crap!" "Oh wait, the computer at the house is online, let me just connect my laptop to the wifi real quick and let it sync up"