Can you help with a $350 build?

I pretty new to PC gaming but I want to start. I prefer AMD products and for OS I will probably go with Linux. Thanks for the help guys :)

For purely gaming on a $350 budget......this is the best option.

$350 is to low for a gameing capable pc $400+ at a push try your luck on a secondhand pc on ebay for $350 your best options are a xbox/ps3 or a secondhand pc.

This will play most games at 1080p at low-medium settings at 40-60FPS.

Part list:

Cost After MIR: $381.35

It's shitty, but it may just work:

+1.  I got my first custom-built computer a year ago, secondhand.  It was $225 and played games well with a GPU upgrade.

My old comp specs(before upgrade):

CPU: Intel C2D e8600 @ 3.33ghz

RAM: 2x2GB DDR2 OCZ 1066(i forget)mhz

MOBO: Gigabyte

GPU: GTS 250

After I upgraded the GTS 250 to an HD 7850, I could play Bioshock Infinite, TF2, Portal 1&2, and other games no problem.  The specs, today, would be really, really outdated, but I'm just trying to point out that a secondhand PC should still be very capable.