Can you help me find a Playstation 3 to buy?

So, I'm a PC gamer.  But I really want to get a PS3 to play games like The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls.

I can't find any fairly cheap PS3's out there that come with all the cables and controllers and such.

Can you guys help me out in finding one for a reasonable price?  ($75-$125)

Or perhaps...  A Last of Us emulator...?  I'd prefer getting the console though since I don't have any PS3 controllers or anything.

Go on ebay and bid, bid, bid.

That's what I have been doing, but they always get taken by those last-minute snipers.

Amazon, Ebay, etc. 

Also, just to warn you, Beyond 2 Souls sucks, well, in my opinion it does. The Last of Us is pretty good, and surprisingly the multiplayer is actually pretty damn fun if you have friends.

Check your local craigslist listing.  

Thanks for the info for beyond 2 souls, now I won't be disappointed if it sucks.  xD

Come to my house and buy my brothers when hes not around

Fat and some slim PS3s = hackable.

you could try an emulator... 


Seeing as there are no emulators for the PS3 or Xbox one let alone a PS4 and yet this site claims it has an emulator for ps1 2 3 and 4. I call not legit. please remove so people dont risk their systems.

I was able to pick up a ps3 60gb fat at an ebgames/gamestop for about $150, so look at their prices if youre in canada or the us.

dont worry about storage size, since the storage can be replaced with any 2.5" HDD.

thaks for the info, really I don't use emulators...

you can find new ps3s on ebay for that price range but you must be diligent. 

example on ebay