Can you guys do "Build Videos" again?

I liked the build videos you guys used to do with various budgets. I think with the amount of new hardware that's available (M.2, DDR4, Skylake, etc.) it would be of value to at least do a $500, $1000, and $1500 build that someone might actually consider in 2015. What does everyone else think?

Moved this to inbox.exe category for you, also there is a AMA thread that @Pistol made, probably worth putting this question in there.

Awesome, thanks.

With the whole build a PC forum, and the price of parts constantly shifting, you'd have to constantly come out with videos to be on top of things.

I think the reason why they aren't making build videos right now is because the hardware pool is very one-sided with what's new right now on the playing field. With the exception being GPUs of course.

They don't shift that often though. A video every 2 months would be plenty.

They could probably just dedicate someone to created and updating a sticky thread on build a PC, that way it could get updated more often, and wouldn't be too difficult.

Right now it's basically at $600 you could get an i5 4460 + mid range GPU, or you could go with an 860k + higher end GPU, or for cheap productivity you could go with an 8320e, and then higher up at $1000, you might as well go Skylake with a 390, and a bit higher than that just go x99 with a 390.

At least as far as performance per dollar goes.