Can you guys do a review on this?

I recently went to a showing of a documentry on video games at the Phoenix art museum. At the same time, a video game exhibit was there, and one of the creators of the exhibit was there. He had on the coolest watch I had ever seen, and I am getting it. I was wondering if I sent it, could you guys do a review on it.

Here are some images:

Kisai Seven Blue LED wristwatch

Kisai Seven on wrist 1  Kisai Seven RED led

Would you guys make a review if I sent one of these in. Please let me know if you will. I know this is a little weird being a watch and all, but I think it would be cool. What does the community think about a review on something like this? Let me lnow what you think, I know it sounds weird. I would love to see your opinions.

If anyone wants to get it its made by Tokyoflash Japan. I am not advertising or encouraging anyone to buy this. I just think it would be cool if it was reviewed.

That looks really cool.

Its way cooler in real life. I can see anyone on the Tek wearing it. It comes in blue, red, and white.

i still prefer this one


All of the watches on Tokyoflash are amazing.

Also, does anyone on the forum own any kind of Tokyoflash watch?

nope who wants to pay 120 quid to learn how to tell the time again 

All watches cost money, and it gets annoying when you constantly have to pull out your phone to check what time it is. Imo its worth it.

Man they have some awesome watches. But they do come with a big price tag. 

120 quid is nothing for a quality watch.

Im trying to tell everyone $120 is nothing for a watch that will last a long time. It is so dang cheap. Look up any nice watch from a nice company (not like rolex) like breitling or others.

Compared to other companies this is nothing. But i think 120 for a clock on your hand is too much.

You mean for a watch in general, or just this type?

I am about to order, I just need a confirm if you guys can review this. Can Anyone from the Tek Review it?

can I get a direct link to that product OP? I'm pretty interested in picking up one of those.

Edit: it took me about 35 seconds to find it. For anyone else looking :

Edit 2: Save six bucks with coupon code KM63

I also want to send in my thermaltake Nic5 so you guys can review that as well, since I think it might have replaced the xigmatek dark knight as the best $50 range air cooler.

Can you send me a message on steam Logan?