Can you flash your bios from the kernel on Arch Linux?

Tried to burn the bios file on a fat32 flashdrive but it doesnt appear on the easy flash drive directory within the current bios menu, any other way?

What are you trying to update?

Theres new software thats working to make updating firmware in Linux easier

It currently only supports some hardware, its fairly new.

i wanna add some microcode into my new bios and flush it over the old one, have you ever used that program?

BIOS doesn't use microcode, do you mean the CPU? If its a BIOS update the safest way is to use the zip provided by them, just need to make sure your usb is formatted correctly. What hardware is it for (model/make)

yes, it a new cpu but i need to tinker the bios file, asus p5k, cpu is x5460. i used this command to format the drive sudo mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdd1

on linux the cpu seems to work fine but on the other hand windows drive is stuck on the loading screen

Might have an easier time formatting it with gparted or similar.

Are you unzipping the firmware onto the USB? It doesn't need to be ziped up.

i put the raw file into the flash drive, u think mkdosfs is the problem?

Are you using this one P5K BIOS 1201?

Should just be able to put it on and load it up.

i manage to flash the bios, i used gparted and created the rom file on a windows machine. either one of these steps fixed the issue