Can you examine my PC build parts?

Please let me know if i should change anything. Im aware i have no OD and PSU. Please help me find a good Corsair/Seasonic PSU that is not too high watts, and not too low (because i heard if you have too many watts, it wont utilize the leftover watts, making it less efficient)



If you are going to stick with a single graphics card (no sli)

If you are planning on doing sli

Get the HD 7970.  It'll outperform the 770, and is cheaper

I got the XFX PRO550W PSU.  It's made by Seasonic, cheap, and doesn't have any coil whine.  It'll fit your build perfectly.  It's not modular, but if I can wire it inside my Mini-ITX Node 304, I'm sure you'll be able to pull it off in the NZXT case


ok thanks guys