Can you do better?

So ive designed a pc for 1500 dollars that can play nay games at max settings and record and edit to make videos

My build-

My limit is 1500 dollars 

I want an good gpu but good cpu

What can you guys make that is better than what ive got picked out??

is there a reason u went with intel processor? (nothing wrong with it just curious). I have a very similar build but with an AMD fx-8350 processor, 16Gb g.Skillz Ares ram 1866, 1Tb hybrid drive, and an asus gtx 780. its destroyed every game ive thrown at it and temperature wise gpu hasnt hit 55oC adn my cpu hasnt hit 30oc (im using a corsair h100i water cooler)

oh also unless u have a reason besides installing your operating system off a cd. to save some money to an usb iso its pretty easy and fast

There is pretty much nothing wrong with what you have. If you are going to microcenter for your 4770k I would get one of their cpu motherboard combos and save some money. I believe they have a gigabyte ud4h in the deals. If yo are just gaming you could also step down to a 4670k but that is up to you 80 dollars isn't a terrible expense. I would ditch the psu for a seasonic 760w platinum from newegg. They have a  35.00 promo plus a 20.00 mail in rebate. 

You also have no cpu cooler. You have a K processor and a OC motherboard so I assume you want it overclock. 

Noctua nh-u14s

noctua nh-d14

phanteks tc14pe if you like colors

coolermaster glacier 240L

swiftech h220 

Those are some of the coolers I recommend. 

The corsair h100 as well as the offerings from thermaltake and nzxt aren't bad. They work and they are cheaper but not as nice

i picked the intel mainly because i need a good processor for rendering out videos

on the water cooling topic. pay attention to what fits your case. some of the rads are thicker then others. see if your case might of been designed for one of the companies water coolers (if they make them). I have an corsair h100i (i love it my cpu hasnt hit 30oC ever but my case was designed with it in mind (corsair carbide 500r white)