Can you check out my gaming pc build?

I'm fairly new at this and this is what I got after a week of research.

                                                                                                             TOTAL   $630              

Extras ( If I can get the parts above <$600)

  • Keyboard       Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid                                $65
  • Mouse            Gear Head MP2120BLU Wireless Laser                            $10
  • Speakers       Cyber Acoustics CA-2002 6W 2ch                                     $10
                                                                                                       TOTAL  $85


I'm wondering if there is a way that I can lower the cost by about $100-$150 (trying to stay within the $550-$650 range)  without hitting the performance a lot because I need a monitor to go with it (the one I have my eyes on Asus VN247H-P 23.6" Monitor). If there is a place I can get a better monitor for less please tell me and possibly get a Cherry red or black mechanical keyboard for less than $50.

This pc is mainly for gaming and regular web browsing. The games I'm going to play mostly are COD, Minecraft, DOTA 2, Skyrim, BF3 (and 4 if possible), League of Legends, Soldier Front, and use this as a Ps4 in the future.

Can you offer a better alternative if something I have listed is bad, will bottleneck the system, or if the system won't work to its fullest capability because I'm fairly new at this. I don't really want a whole new build just spoon fed to me, but I want to know alternative options and why so I can expand my knowledge. Also I don't know which brands offer the best performance/are the best built so if the ones I picked are untrustworthy pl;ease notify me.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I've decided to get the fx 6350 and overclock it. Now my question is is my fan able to handle overclocking and are the parts I picked going to run smoothly?

Ditch the optical drive. Chances are you wont need it. Also, you need to change your power supply. You should never get a power supply thats not 80+ certified. Other than that its a good build and I dont think you should change it. Maybe a different brand of 760, but thats optional. btw soldier front 1>soldier front 2. 

maybe you should get a full atx motherboard, and try to get a 900 series motherboard. its a little over budget, but it will preform much better.

Isn't that how you burn cd's/dvd's? I need it to install my windows 7 OS unless there is another way. The brands on the 760 I know nothing about so could you recommend one? And yeah I love SF1, but i wanted to try SF2 but my video card wasn't up to date.

I've changed to the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 that was in your build. Same/better performance for about $40 less and comes with free games :)

but what's the difference between a full atx motherboard and a micro atx one?

Micro ATX is smaller, has less expansion ports, but offers better airflow, and are usually cheaper than their full-size brothers.

also, there are no 9 series micro atx motherboards that i know of.

So would the full size motherboards give me better performance?

And whats special about 9 series?


Sorry if I sound like a noob.

9 series is an overall better board. Will give you some more overclocking room, expansion, etc. And a 7950 for $200 bucks is an absolute steal. Echos has a good build there. You can also install windows 7 from a use drive and then use your activation code. Don't bother with sf2 if you're looking for sf1 game play. Jumpspraying is gone, the psg sucks now, headshots now kill in 1 hit from ar's, ads ruined the whole point of sf and the overpowered lmg spam is ridiculous. I stopped after like 3 hours 

Man i wish i could have spent that much money on a monitor..I settled with this just because i had no money.. yes it is probably slow response time..But it beats the 41 inch tv i was playing on..when i played..I will come back to you games when I have some real time to play..

Well if you dont have it installed there would be no way for you to burn a cd/dvd in the first place but you will need one to install windows i just keep my optical drive just in case i need it, its not a waste of money and wont save you much if you ditch it.

THE ONE THING U NEED IS A BETTER PSU.  you want to run the PSUs at 60-80%.  at 100% the PSU will not work as well
newegg has the Corsair CX600 PSU with $20 rebate (37.99 after rebates)


here is the computer i recommended to someone to wanting to play BF4*.

u could switch out the case and add a DVD drive.4GB is good enough for gaming. 



* i compared BF4 to the current Crysis 3 as far as performance needed to play. 

Medium settings getting 74fps isn't that bad.  High settings averaging above 30 is good too.,3584-10.html

Ok. I understand the PSU part. Wasn't paying attention to the wattage my computer was using.

So from what I see on your build, I should downgrade to the fx 6350 and overclock it, correct?

I want to try and get 8 gb because I've heard that the ps4 uses 8gb of ram and because my parents are buying this, $30 extra won't hurt :P

I would like a nice monitor, but as the price increases my parents start jumping off board. At worst, I could use my current monitor and play games (but then I can't use my old pc) or get a crt monitor for $5-$15. I heard that those were terrific for gaming or do they mean the +$100 ones?

So you're telling me no more bunny hopping with my uzi and such and an AR user can just camp and 1 shot me as if they have a sniper rifle? Already sounds bad. THEN they mess up the psg? The game sounds horrid now. I was looking forward to play it :(

On topic:

I didn't know you could install windows 7 from a usb drive. I guess I don't need the optical drives then. And I'll look for a better motherboard and update my list shortly.

it should give you better preformance, because the 9 series chipset was designed for the fx processors, although it may not be that noticable, but the FX-8320 should definitely be on a 9 series, because it also usually gives you more expansion, like 2 pci-e 2.0, even if they may be not both X16 they still could be used for pci-e ssds and other decent expansion capabilities.

I think I have a  9 series motherboard now. I'll be back on the site in a couple of hours. Got to take care of some things.

Just looking at the list there only the mobo bothers me (Asus M5A97 LE ) spend the little extra for the none LE vershon.

And this is why the LE vershon dosent have a heatsink on the mosfets and you are going to install a tower cooler if you stayed with a standard cooler the cooler will blow air over the mobo and the mosfets but a tower cooler will not this will lead to them overheating and can then start throttling your cpu (especially when you have a hot 7950 running in the rig allso)

My advice is, drop the 6350 for a 6300, WIch is the Exact same chip except "overclocked" by 400Mhz, drop the 7950 for a 7870 2gb card, drop the OD, and get a full size ATX mobo (Preferably Asus)and an ssd (only for winders, so like 60Gb drive will do fine). Check this out. And for installing winders without an OD. LINK

Is this one okay? MSI 970A-G46 ATX AM3+ Motherboard
It's a bit cheaper than the Asus M5A97 R2.0