Can y'all give me some feedback on this blog post?

So I'm trying to get into blogging, but I kinda don't know where to start.

Today, I took a broken LCD backlight and some LED strips and made a cheap "LED Panel" style video production light. It's super ghetto but it only cost me like $10, and it's one less part from an old monitor sitting in my electronics pile. I wrote a blog post about how I did it, and I was wondering if you guys would check it out and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but please don't be rude. I know the website is still kind of a work in progress, and it doesn't function perfectly just yet. I know.

Anyway, here's the link to the post, thanks in advance! (there's other blog posts I've done but I think this one may be the best I've done so far. Feel free to snoop around the site if you want, but bear in mind it's still a work in progress, and some pages may look unfinished, goofy, etc)

10$ LED production light: Part 1

I like your post, you gave a good level of information and I think it's great that you have the ability to creat your LED panel which I would never have considered trying.

My advice would be to improve your pictures and post a couple more.
You can take better pictures than that, even with your phone. Give the camera a chance "the light" is most important as you're aware :-) So open the curtains, wait until morning or move the item to a window and use a plain background. At first I thought this was the disassembled panel due to the tools etc.

In your follow up post I would be interested to now how the panel performs? Is the illumination nice and even? Usable working distance from subject?

Hope this helps.

Hey man, I liked your blog post. I'm sort of in the same boat. I just started a blog here on TekSyndicate and they get some traffic, but it can be hard to get a good bead on what people do and do not like about it. One or two people leave comments but Its not exactly a good sample size. On here its hard not having any other analytics. other than the number of views. Esp when you blog about a non "Tek" subject on a site like this ( people tend not to comment )