Can We Profit From This Lifestyle?

What could a build such as this fetch in today's market?

prob. 3000-3300 you just need a buyer.


$3000 USD? Did you look at the build?

Have you looked at Pre-built prices?

I haven't recently, are they really charging more than one thousand over cost?

It's also a different story if its secondhand. I

So basically double cost? I thought as much.

God I hope so, but when it comes to building computers you need to draw in buying parties and make them feel value in the product. Some of the notes I've taken on the subject is if you add some form of art to the case. Preferably minimalistic (unless you are going for a like west coast or NYC graffiti feel) can add a little something to a build. Also having pretty build videos and upgrade guides will bring in peoples eyes to start with and hopefully keep them. Also It's important to crunch prices which trust me is really difficult. It seems like whenever I crunch my prices down and cross reference benchmarks I always find a better hardware design later. 

But like I said a really big thing would be adding like a custom artistic feel to a standard build. It helps you compete with big companies who buy in bulk and can sell for less. And publicize on youtube and such. 

A true Fox. 

You make a nice but cheap website, brand yourself, make the whole thing feel official, and maybe add something in the form of case aesthetics; then sure you could charge a small premium and definitely make a profit. The better your advertising and the better quality you can get in small things like completed system photos, the better people will think of your quality and abilities. The better they think of you, the more they'll be willing to pay. A I7, 16gbs of ram and a Gtx 760 can be bought for 1k in parts, but can be sold for $1300 to someone who believes they're getting something more. Get some nice braided colors and maybe some LED's and they'll pay way more then they would for just parts costs.  

Depending on where you are and who you are selling to, I would charge between $2000-2600, there are different things to consider.. like are you providing after service? do they want it all meticulously cable managed, etc.. 

If they just want it build and no service.. then I would do $2000 and still give them limited service... but it would be a basic cable management and basic service. For something more. I would offer a longer service duration, meticulous cable management and overclocking, 24 hour stability test etc.

I would stay below the competition as the incentive for going with the "little guy." Service is really the thing you gotta be careful of.

Both interesting insights.

Yes the aesthetics of the case would be a boon, and a clean running cable managed system (possibly even build to their exact specs) goes without saying. I would deal only in quality bc making a name for yourself with a good product is the best way to get repeat costumers who spread the word about what you offer.

There's so much I would have to learn before I could provide some sort of tech support, however. Shipping, knowledge, experience, a business plan etc...