Can this play games at high/ultra settings?

Hello I am going to build a computer for Christmas and was wondering can it play these games at ultra settings with playable frame rates. Some of the games I want to play are Battlefield 4, Assassins creed black flag, Watch dogs, Splinter cell blacklist, Call of Duty ghosts and Batman arkham origins.

I have seen people with the same specs except they have a AMD FX 6300 and they can play battlefield 4 on ultra with 60 FPS. Can this play battlefield 4 and the other games at ultra with 60 FPS?

The PC

I will be using windows 8 64 bit

I also want to know if the power supply is good enough to power the computer and if everything will fit in this case.

Thank you for your help.

Looks like a strong PC to me, I think you'll run BF4 on ultra quite smoothly. great build good luck!

Looks good to me.

You might want something closer to this:

I gave you a much more appropriate motherboard. 99x chipset, which has nice power phases for the 83xx CPUs.

I'd advise going with an AMD GPU if you want to get the best out of BF4, as it is an AMD optimised game.

The 7950 wipes the floor with the 760, anyway.





Might want to mention the swap to the XFX PSU also. Seasonic is the OEM, so you know you're getting a well-built PSU. 

EDIT: Might also want to look into an aftermarket cooler to OC. Assuming that's the reasoning behind moving to the 8320 as well. 

pretty good and solid build you have there :D, and yes, BF4 is AMD optimised game, and with mantel will fly, but i have a Asus GTX 760 2GB OC and well is pretty much flying :P

corsair 600. but the rest is really good.


What do you think of the Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 ? 


If it were me, I'd go with a slightly bigger power supply, as others are suggesting. Not necessarily because you'd need it now, but if you ever decide to upgrade something in the future you'd have a bit of flexibility in case that part demands more power than you have. A little more spent now could save you some in the future.