Can this PC run Battlefield 4?

I'm a n00b to PC gaming and decided to switch to PC and leave console but im intrested if this PC is good enough to run BF4 even though the game may not be out yet or if it can run Arma 3 or BF3 Thanks!! =D

This would be better suited for the budget, in my opinion. No need to spend that much on a pretty shitty cooler. I don't rate the H55. You need to put more money into your GPU et cetera. This is more upgradeable than anything on FM2. 4GB of RAM is sufficient for gaming, you can include another 4GB stick at a later time.

You could certainly include a 99FX or 990 chipset motherboard, allowing you to upgrade to an 8320 or 8350.

Or even better for the money.

I would disagree ;p

Why is that?

I second Beserker's post, although I'm not entirely sure of bf4's requirements a 7870 be enough.

The Phenom 965 is comparable to the FX6300. The one thing that sets the FX6300 from the Phenom is its better overclocking ability. However, you won't be overclocking the FX6300 very far with the motherboard you have chosen. I would pair the FX6300 with a 970 chipset motherboard.

I did make the second build with a 990 chipset, which would enable OP to upgrade to an 8320 or 8350, and overclock those chips really well.

The other thing that I disagree with is the power supply. The CX series is entry level. Other higher-spec Corsair units are really good, manufactured by Seasonic. The XFX I chosen is manufactured by Seasonic, too. So the XFX has that higher quality, because XFX maintain quality across their range of PSUs.

I like the ASUS 7870 that you chose.

Next gen game. I'd wait till next gen hardware to see what's up.

I don't want to sound like an idiot, but do you think this is better?

You don't sound like an idiot. I make mistakes on these forums all the time.

Yeah, that's a nice, balanced build.

Some people say avoid EVGA power supplies. They make good cards, but not everyone likes their PSUs.

Little tip with AMD motherboards; you got to pick the motherboards with the best overclocking capability. I am not expert on the AMD side of things, but I know that voltage regulation and the power phases are important for overclocking. Overclocking is one of the sellings points of AMD chips, because they are immensely overclockable.

An 8+2 power delivery is probably the minimum people would recommend for the FX6300 + 970mobo. A 6+2 power phase wouldn't deliver the same stable overclock, it would be a little bit weaker. I think ASRock have weak voltage regulation, but I may be wrong.

You will see many of the same products recommended here on these forums, and with good reason. So, if you're unsure, just copy the common suggestions.

Yeah, I'm kinda new to the whole "Build your own PC thing" coming over from a console. This is why I'm coming from console. Had we been console players you would have been like "OH MEH GURD, UR DOIN IT RONG". The community, and the people on the Tek Syndicate forums, in general, are nice.

I had a little PC hiatus. I went back to console for 3 years, whilst I was at university. It feels good to be back. Skyrim on console is nothing like Skyrim on PC.


You still get assholes, but with the right attitude, you get pretty far. I still have arguments, sometimes... on PC, in the forums ;D

I miss practicing on modern shooters and then waiting for the "squeakers" to come Xbox Live after Christmas Day. Enjoy it now, before it is gone haha.

:') That was beautiful.

From my understanding battlefeild 4 will be using the same frostbite engine as bf4 or a very similar version so I would not expect it to be too demanding.  On bf3 with my 660ti I get like 80 fps on high so he should be fine with a 7870.

I would compare BF4 to Crysis 3 (as C3 is the most intensive game out now),3584-10.html

go with AM3 FX6350.  Gaming is a lot better with the better processor. 

 go with the 7870 or the 7970 (Logan recommend it they are around $300 now).  BF4 will be using lot of the GPU.  so a better GPU will be better. 

 I would use the default heat sink that comes with the processor and save the $20-60.  then find one on Newegg on sale for $10 I got one or two good heat sinks by waiting. 

I would also save some money on the case.  mid towers do not have as much room in them but they are still nice and will fit the 7970. 


what I would build:

I am using a Z9 Plus (the z9 with side fans) (do not get the z9 plus if you are going to get tower heat sink and have the side fans). 

it has plenty of room for big GPUs.  I had a GTX280 in it for a little bit and it fit nicely.

also the CX600 has long cables and it routes easily through the z9's backing.