Can this laptop run GTA 5?

So I was looking to get a new laptop, I was wondering if the one I chose will play GTA 5 well?

I looked at benchmarks of GTA 5 requirements and benchmarks of the laptop and its better than the minimum requirements but its defiantly isn't as good as the recommended requirements. I just have no idea how much better the specs have to be to the minimum requirements of GTA 5.

(I just want to note, the reason i'm getting this laptop is not for gaming, but if it did play certain games, such as GTA 5, it would be a huge bonus)

It'll run like this

That would depend on what resolution/graphics settings you play it on.

can it run GTA? yes

at full resolution? no
at any details over medium? no
high frame rate? no

Yeah it would depend on what you deem is 'acceptable' for play.