Can this build play modern and upcoming games on ultra @ 1440p?

Can this build play games on ultra @ 1440p for the upcoming years ?

Thank you

That is a very Highend system. It will have no problems playing 1440p for years

If gaming is what you want, get a 3570k and 2 780's, that cpu is not worth that much especially with that ridiculous TDP...


If you REALLY want a HIGH HIGH end system this is what you'll get. These are all top of the line components.


You had a very bad assortment of parts for a high end system. You had very high end parts that made sense for your budget then either very low (SSDNOW V300 which has a terrible terrible rep), or very overpriced (that single 4TB drive).


I gave you some changes. Better CPU, which also comes with the added bonus of not catching your house on fire. If you want premium this is it. Do NOT get the 9590, it is just not a good's just an insanely overclocked 8350 which probably isn't even stable.


Appropriate MOBO to fit said CPU.


Better Storage. Top of the line SSD with more storage, and split the 4tb into two 2tb's, because if one crashes you won't lose all of your things.


Also got less ram, you don't need 16..unless you're doing intense video editing or rendering/3d modeling work or be honest you really don't even need and i7, but if you're going to spend this amount of money you should spend it wisely.


Also you can always just stick another stick of ram in it's the easiest thing to do.