Can these fit on my P8Z77-V Le Plus



I've left to buy: 2x GPU, CPU cooler and Sound Card for my build. 


2x Asus Gtx 770 272mm long (going for Lightboost on 120hz, so no ATI)

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 166mm wide (I live in Baltic, here it is cheaper than D-14)

Asus Xonar Dx (Mostly gaming, 7.1 virtual + mic quality improvement)


Case supports 170mm cpu cooler and 295mm gpu lenght (Fractal R4)

But i'm not sure can i fit them all in my Motherboard as this is my first ever build.

P8Z77-V Le Plus


No reason why it wouldnt all fit mate. You can remove the top hdd cage from memory. That will give you plenty of extra space and aiflow.

As long as your ram isnt too high you should have so problems with the cpu cooler as well.

Place the sound card in the top slot and you'll be fine. What psu is that btw? Looks nice...

It's Seasonic X 650W.

I'm hoping it has enough juice for all that + i5 3570K.

Thanks buddy! I'm alot less worried now and probably make the purchase this week :)

That will certainly push that psu to breaking point under full load - i thought it may have been a 750w or 850w. nvidia state a minimum of a 600w and 42amps on the 12v rail for just a single card...

Then on top of that an overclocked ivy. I would be seriously considering grabbing a larger psu my friend.