Can The SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 Use 2133 RAM?

I saw a video where Logan uses 2133 RAM with the Sabertooth 990fx, I was wondering is that a manual OC or does it auto OC?

Also I am wondering is the just a straight up better choice than the Sabertooth?

Thank you 


and yes, but its pointless

2133 is possible on the board but as Phosgene noted depending on your application lower frequency with tighter timings may provide more of a benefit.

The board has three different options for memory dividers

DOCP this is an ASUS exclusive option that allows you to load XMP profiles so if you buy a 1600 or 2133 kit of memory the frequency, timings and voltages will be all auto set. Keep in mind though that XMP qualification is completed on an Intel CPU with its IMC ( memory controller ) which is different than the IMC on Zambezi or Vishera. As such while it most situations it will work there is no guarantee.

The memory controller additionally for AMD while quite strong has more variance and sensitivity for higher frequency. As such not all IMC will be able to hold full 4 dimm 2133 so keep that in mind.

The next option is AMP this is a new memory standard specifically developed by AMD. These profiles have been tuned and set for AMD chipsets and CPUs. Currently only Patriot produces AMP based modules up to 1866

The last option is general memory divider selection inside the UEFI. When selected our own customized profiles and auto rules will attempt to load and run with the module you have installed.

Hope this answers your question about 2133. If you have any other let me know. Enjoy the rest of your day.