Can static electricity disable USB 3.0?

Hello! I built my new pc today. (Wohoo!) I was just wondering, is it possible that statical electricity can disable/destroy USB ports but still boot up fine and work with other USB ports.

I'm using the AsRock Extreme4 LGA1155, motherboard. The top two USB 3.0 ports aren't working (if I plug some device to the port it doesn't get recognized by windos. The other four USB ports work fine.

Thank you.

Have you installed the drivers? And yes, static electricity can damage boards pretty easily. 

Does it always kill the board or does it just sometimes do some damage to it?

It doesn't always just flat out kill the board. You can damage certain areas of the board, and I know a lot of newer boards have ways of isolating damage so that the static shock doesn't spread throughout the entire board in order to minimize the damage done to the board. It is entirely possible to hurt USB 3.0 and nothing else.

Yes, but is very hard to do that since its attached to a populated board, and it is shielded with a nice metal case gounding it.

The most common thing that I've seen kill usb ports is the old square macbook pro power connectors.

If u kill the port, usually its just that port, shouldn't kill the WHOLE mobo.

my A+ course work says that a single static shock carries 10 times the amount of electricity required to fry motherboard components.. this is why you always ground yourself before touching components.  

Get a degree in electrical engineering, not an A+ cert.....

its the voltage that kills the transistors and its much more than times 10... What you said makes little sense.

Thank you, Vortex88, Zwan and VanillaGorilla for your comments. I will be sure to ground myself when I touch any components.

I agree- before you give up, install the drivers.

your motherboard should have came with a driver disk, the USB 3.0's won't work until you install the drivers for them.

Hey, it's me again. So in the same category that can statical electricity destroy anything; is it possible to screw up the motherboards abilitie to read ram speed (Mhz)?

this my friend, is not a static electricity issue. its purely software, first. download the USB drivers from the manufacturer. just Google the manufacturers name, click their website, there'll be a tab at the top of the site, its gonna say either 'downloads' 'drivers' or 'support' find/select/use the search bar to find your motherboard, *your motherboard* if you can't find it, click my name, then the tab that says 'contact' and put your motherboards information into the message and I'll link the driver you need back to you. as for the RAM speed- many motherboards downclock RAM by default. you'll need to manually reset the speeds to the proper rate.