Can someone tell me the if Gddr3 or Gddr5 is worth it

looking for a new laptop and those in my range have 2gb of gddr3. Trying to figure out if gddr5 is worth it...


budget of 650$ on laptop...nothing more...unless its like 10 bucks. :)


looking at this or this or this


these are all above my price range, but im hopping that memorial day will have a nice sale... yaaaaa

thanks for any help guys

GDDR5 is only worth it if you are doing high res textures, it will load them faster, and you will get less lag when moving quickly through the levels of the game. putting GDDR5 in a low end graphics card is like putting a high end exhaust system on a 3 cylinder car. The car isn't go to be much faster, but its going to sound better. AKA the graphics card won't be much faster, but your textures will load faster. Does this make sense? Now if you are looking at $900 or more laptops with beefier graphics cards, have GDDR5 memory is beneficial since the performance of the laptop will be effected more by how quickly it can load textures.

TLDR: at that price range GDDR5 memory is not really a selling point, because it won't help much over GDDR3.

so what do you think of the linked computers I posted? worth it? or not...

you would be better off saving a bit more money and hitting the $750-$800 price range, nabbing a more powerful CPU, with a decent graphics card. Honestly, you are just going to be dissapointed with those laptops, unless all you are doing is playing really old games, some indie games, and solitare.

well I wanna be playing bf4, and I really dont wanna spend more than that. If I get a baller laptop, thats all I'll do and I need to at least get off and study for my classes...trying to balance the good with the bad here...

Good luck playing BF4 with those laptops. BF4 will destroy the CPUs in those laptops and laugh while they cry. My old laptop has an i5 2430m with stock speed of 2.4 Ghz, and turbos to 3 Ghz, it cost me $730. It can play most games on lowest settings. It has a Nvidia GT 555m, 96 cuda cores, 1 Gig GDDR5. Plays vanilla skyrim on high, planetside 2 on lowest settings, about 30-40 fps, and it is an old laptop lol, sandy bridge and fermi. It has better benchmarks than those laptops you posted, and they cost almost as much, and are 2 generations newer, because they lack a decent CPU. There just isn't any value there.

damn...but the a10 gets up to 3.5ghz and the i5 gets like 2.5 or something with boost enabled...still bad?

2.5 for intel is slow, like really slow. it is designed for power savings. Like I said, my laptop's i5 is at stock 2.4, and can boost up to 3. And for AMD, I know that their processors a bit weak, even when running at higher frequencies, like it is equal to or worse than the i5 4200. BF4 is a CPU hog, and these cpus won't be able to keep up.

so I should wait till the 26th...maybe get a good one sick of this computer

GDDR5 is released in 2007-08. If you're still gaming on a GDDR3 card, those are like low end budget end cards or directx9 games. It's probably the difference between being able to play facebook games or BF4.