Can someone suggest me a good media server for linux?

Can someone suggest me a good video streaming server application for linux that IS NOT PLEX MEDIA SERVER?
Because Plex doesn't work with my media collection.

xbmc? or kodi as it is now called


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something that doesn't sort by tv shows or movies? Everything I watch is in Chinese or Japanese and never show up.
And is there something that can stream to other devices to view on?
I live in Asia.

Try emby-server.

You don't have to select the sorted media when using Kodi.

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Tried that already. Still doesn't work.

Doesn't list my videos either.

There are addons in kodi for almost every language. I'm pretty sure there is support for cantonese and/or mandarin. You just need to find the right repository and subsequent scrapers. Here?

Its really unnecessary to have that feature. I just want a media server to stream any video regardless.
Hal never shows up under the movies tab.

If I might ask, what issues are you having with plex?

Nothing in my media collection ever shows up. Had it running overnight to find the media.
Nothing. Tried almost every video format I have.

Odd. How do you have the file structure set up?

So the issue is with your media collection/share?

You could try the ps3 media server, or any other DLNA server. There are plenty of DLNA servers which don't try to organize your media automatically like plex.

The way I see it , your media server won't show anything if it doesn't understand the titles (chinese/Japanese etc...)

So add ons for specific languages are required to sort your media collection unless everything is in english.

Give it a try ,no biggie it might work.

Good luck

Tried English titles on Hal[Movie]. Doesn't show either.

Somehow the server doesn't see your collection .Might be a permission error or the link to your collection.

You could try manually copy and paste a few movies from your collection to your media server files to see
if they become visible .