Can someone recomend me a VPN service

Just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for which VPN I should use.

I would like preferably for it to have a free trial but it's not a massive deal breaker if it doesn't.

The reason why I am maybe going to make the switch to regularly using a VPN is that just over the last couple days or so, Twitch has become unusable, I used to be able to run pretty much every stream with ease at high or source quality, but now it just sits there thinking about it. But the ads play fine.. And when I do a speed test it works great, 35 down 1 up, so fuck telstra and hail secure network traffic. What should I use?

Is the service that is advertised by popcorn time any good?

Thanks a bunch.

Tunnelbear is pretty good, they have a free trial to.

@Logan uses Private Internet Access.

I'm thinking about setting up my own VPS for either $2.99/month or $5.00/month (just for myself). I can run OpenVPN on it myself (maximum security, speed, and less likely to be blocked on firewalls since it is not a known VPN service), know that it's in a datacenter (for speed), and, because it's a VPS service and not a VPN service, I can know that someone at the hosting company may not be intentionally snooping on me.


  • Been using them awhile now, very happy with em. No dramas so far.
  • Shitloads of servers worldwide
  • Dedicated p2p servers
  • piss easy setup no matter the platform.
  • 1 account - 5 devices at one. (or 1 device each for you and 4 friends) - spread the cost around
  • Decent terms of service - seems fair I guess..

    Others are PIA, VikingVPN, IVPN, - there was a great article on torr#ntfre#k recently with reviews on a few of the vpn providers. Not sure if they offer free-trails and what not. Happy hunting.

  • I use CyberghostVPN.

    • They offer free public servers with restricted P2P access, so no torrents.
    • Plenty of different severs based in different countries, you can see the full list Here
    • They block p2p traffic in countries where there are anti piracy laws, such as the US. (I just connect to Candian servers.)
    • Works fine with popcorn time

    A plus, for me anyway. They offer both annual and monthly payment plans for up to 5 devices.
    I'd also recommend Vyprvpn, however I don't have the greatest amount of experience with them.