Can someone recomend me a good card?

I was set on the 7970, but I guess I realized I dont really want to pay 300+ for a graphics card. It's going to be for a gaming HTPC but I'm not the most avid gamer anymore. I would still like to play most games on high setting but expect games like Crysis to be played lower. I'm coming off a console so I'm sure anything will look and perform better.

Also whats the main spec to look for? I was looking at 2GB cards but they range in price from $100-300+ so it's kind of left me confused.

Think about an AMD 7930.

Guess I should have mentioned it an Intel build.

A 7870xt would be a good choice or maybe a R9 270X, but it woupd be nice if you gave a budget so that a better option can be given 

I guess I'd say around $200, but I'm pretty flexible with that. Low heat and noise while maintaining pretty good performance is what I'm shooting for. But I keep getting sucked into wanting the best performance, but in reality I think I would still be satisfied without maxing out the quality for the super intense games. But I still want to be able to play stuff like Skyrim and Civ5 on high.


Then I would look at the cards already recommended because they are within that price range. The power cooler 7870xt is around $169 I believe and will give you 7950 level of performance since it is about the same card R9 270X and 7870 ghz cards are the same card just branded differently and are also good options just look for the better price between the two. And of you really want a nVidia card the 660 is in that price range is is pretty solid for performance. But I still believe at that price an AMD card will net you better price/performance ratio.

Alright thanks. Those cards are pretty much what I was looking at but wanted to make sure I was on the right track.