Can someone help me please!

I was playing battlefield 4 and my computer just restarted by itself, then it started restarting with outher games that i never had does type of problems with.

im running a

3570k @ 4.4 (auto oc from asrock mob)


asrock extreme 4

8gb ram @ 2133

seasonic 650x

windows 7 64bit

What are your temps? With an h60, id be surprised if you werent overheating.

i dont thing im overheating because i didnt have that problem with other games and its still restating.

idel is 34 right know

and i was running prime a min ago and the max was around 41-47 i think

BF4 should be called a pc torture test.....the game runs up to 8 cores and pushes cpus and gpus to there max.

I wouldn be surprised if you overheated ether or your overclock failed under such a extreme punishment.

I have just stoped playing bf4 and this is what it was useing on my overclocked FX8320...


i dont have a gpu and it happened with blacklight retribution and mortal kombat complete....
i never had that problem with those 2 games 

Might be your PSU. When the voltage is too low on a PSU and you run something that causes your components to draw more power that you have, the computer will usually shutdown.

If your comp worked just fine on games before trying out BF4 and is now having problems, one of the components might have gone bad (possibly the PSU).

i was thinking about that, but i think my pc is not taking more then 650 watts.

i dont even have a gpu

i was running prime a min ago and nothing happened


what can i use to record temps wail playing or something

HWinfo + the OSD feature of Afterburner. There is a thread on some forum that describes hwo to set them up together, but that will allow you to monitor your temps and just about anything else you want. As far as recording them goes, I don't know. HWinfo remembers the max, but other than that, I don't know.


What I think could be the problem is that you either have a problem with overheating, or you have some faulty hardware. I highly doubt that your system is taking more than 650W, so if it is the fault of the psu, then it is because it is faulty. It could also be something in your motherboard. A faulty unit, or it could have just given way under the load of the temps of playing BF4. Watch your temps while gaming, and if they don't get dangerously high, and it still does the same thing, then investigate other things.

Ah, certainly a better reason not to use it.

I heard him say that and said 'oh, shit', using the same CPU as OP & already having run prime for over an hour after various OC set-ups. But apparently with good cooling (I only have an H60 as well) it should be fine. OP and I have very similar rigs 'cept my GTX660 is a mini-beast, love it.

BF4 recommends "A modern DX11 graphics card with 2+ GB of video memory, GeForce 600 series or Radeon 7000 series "

how can i check if I broke my cpu lol

(im using core temp, cpu z, prime)

aida 64 engineer is a monitoring and stress test program that is specifically designed to be used with Ivy bridge and later CPUs. I've heard JJ from ASUS say that prime shouldn't be run on Ivy because it doesn't effectively test all of your CPUs perimeters. Or something like that.

edit: it might be said by some that you could have been trying to kill your CPU by running BF4 as a brand new un-optimized game without a discrete graphics card. 

No, actually, it draws in more power to the CPU than you want it to, potentially damaging it.

H60 is fine. Ive done stress tests with it for hours on a 3770k with auto OC settings. It gets hot but never above 98C and most gaming it hovers around 60-70C. Id agree it may be the PSU. What about over or undervolting the CPU?

Dosent work on on bf4 (Afterburner dosent work with 64bit games)


am i the only one wondering how you're even running bf4 at all on a hd4000 gpu

After some thought...I used to have my 3570k @ 4400, but it was unstable while gaming showing similar if not the same issues that you are having. Fix: bumped the OC to 4200, never an issue and hey 200 MHz isn't noticeable. 

and get a GPU!

You were playing games on a comp with no GPU? That might be the problem.