Can someone help me figure this out?

Hey guys I have the rose-will Thor V2 (link: )
and I am going to outfit it with fans. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure it all out, connectors wise and such.

so for the side panel I am going to put 4 120MM fans (maybe these: )
for the front 230mm Im going to use this (Probably: )
then in the 5.25 cages in the front im using one of these ( )
and replacing the fan (I dont want orange bladed white LED fan in the front og my red and black themed case ( )
on the top I am using 2 of these ( )
and on the rear I am using one of these ( )

and I would like to put a fan in the bottom. how much gain would I get from that?

the case come stock with a fan controller. 2 knobs each one having 3 3 pin connectors. no Idea on the wattage.

so how should I wire all of this? I was thinking one of these ( )

how many fans can I use on one channel?