Can someone help me come up with a logo design?

It doesn't have to be special just something i can use for a youtube icon .

The more info you provide, the better folks will be able to help out. Color pallete, shapes you like, channel name or initials (if needed), fonts, etc. Give me some more info and I can whip something up.


I am willing to help also. Possibly a collaboration with @Alamar ?
I used to create logo's for a living and I really enjoy doing it.

I might be able to throw in a little bit of advice too, possibly.

Thanks Man i really wanna see what comes of this. i'm not gifted in the arts department lol , well i can appreciate good art i just can't create good art lol.

We need some input in order to start.

  1. Name of YouTube channel.
  2. Focus / subject of channel. Your target audience. Who are you trying to reach?
  3. Who are you? What do you want people to think about you, personally.
  4. Colors you prefer.
  5. Do you have any ideas as to what you want?
    Even a crude sketch by you or Google images photo would help us immensely.

FYI: My art site -

It doesn't really matter this is really " pun intended " level one for me

I'm not special bro , also my visual ideas suck. in college I thought a dead hooker tied to a can was art. So i embarked on a shitty film career, didn't end well.

Just a tip: not giving folks any direction will likely lead to less people trying to help out. Usually, when no direction is given, what ends up happening is that the person creating the content makes something and then ends up making 100 other versions because the 'client' did not specify anything. It ends up wasting folks' time. A lot of creators know this and will avoid helping out because of this.

You don't need to provide a name (for now just call it "ACME Inc."), but a general description of the content focus, and colors that you'd like to use would be helpful for starters.


Nice lol.

I don't want to pressure anyone . I'm not very authoritative guys. Should i throw some examples of what i want? I really am interested in what you guys come up with .

I'm glad you said it, because I was ready to bail.
Design can't happen in a vacuum, it needs inspiration.
And if the client doesn't care, it's hard for me to get excited or interested.

I will give your "Don't care enough to provide any input" logo a shot today.
Not because I want to. Because I said I would.

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I did 2. I started one but didn't like where it was going, so I started over.

Logos should be simple so they read when tiny as well as full size.

Triangulator is tricky to work with. I didn't feel like spending the time to fix this one.

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WOW fucking genius

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man i envy you creatives lol