Can Someone Check My PC Build

Here are my parts. Im pretty sure these are all compatible and i would be grateful for any 

CPU:        AMD FX-8350 4GHz Socket AM3+ 16MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor

MoBo:      gigabyte 970A-DS3 AMD 970A (Socket AM3+) DDR3 Motherboard

GPU:        Asus HD 7850 DirectCU II V2 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card 

Case:       NZXT Phantom 410 Enthusiast Midi Tower Case - Black/Orange 

RAM:        Kingston 8GB DDR3 2133MHz HyperX Predator Memory Dual Channel 

CPU Cooler:  Alpenföhn Matterhorn Pure Edition CPU Cooler

PSU:        Corsair Builder Series CX 500w Modular '80 Plus Bronze' Power Supply



i Meant to say any upgrades


£600 its mainly for gaming

Everything looks nice to me but I personally like to have a little extra power from my power supply. Although the 500W is adequate for this build I would go for a 650-750W supply for when you decide to add something else later that you perhaps have not thought of right now. Safer to have extra power available than not enough. Just thinking ahead.  

my main concern was the RAM interfering with the heatsink as my RAM is huge

I made this for you and I hope it helps, I wanted to try and match what you made and improve it from there. Please look it over and tell me what you think! I assumed anything you didnt post was something you already had, so I kept them out of thee build.

Thats a better build than mine but i just wanted to ask why you got replaced the parts you did

(im not trying to critisize)

I'll be happy to explain my build! I agin like I said tried to keep everything that you had and just improved from it. I made sure I picked good, trusted brands. The AMD FX 8320 is the exact same as the 8350 but just a little underclocked at 95W, if you were to overclock it to 4.0, it would at 125W just like the 8350 and the 8320 is 25£ cheaper! I couldn't find your cooler that you had choosen and I also couldn't find the Xigmatek Dark Knight, so I went with a good, fairly priced cooler that will be able to bring your CPU(8320) to more than just 4.0 mhz if you wanted. For the motherboard I like Gigabyte for overclocking they usually have a lot of safeguards and are a really reliable. Also it was the cheapest 990 motherboard chipset they had and the 990 chipset handles multiple cards, overclocking, etc, better than a 970 chipset would. I also got you internal USB 3.0 with the motherboard. Now the RAM I picked was cheaper than what you picked and is made by corsair which a lot of people like to use in their system and it also has a very nice heat sink. Now unless your doing rendering, 3D modeling, editing, streaming, etc, you do not need 2133mhz RAM, it's just not necessary as it only increases gameplay performance by a small bit. As you see in Miskonius' build he has put in some 1600 mhz RAM which will work just as well! And for the RAM I picked I tried to go  with the lowest I could and so you suffer with latency at a cas of 11, but that will again only effect you for that last 1 percent of rendering, etc. If you want a better latency RAM thats perferbly at CAS 9 you could spend 20£ and get one, but it will not effect your gameplay what so ever, if thats all your doing. Now the heavy hitter, your graphics card, the 7870 with in itself is a great card, it can play most games at 1080p+ max/ultra setting no problem. Though with some companies you might want to get another cooler if you plan to overclock that too. Now the 7870xt is passed what a normal 7870 is, because in some bench marks it's just as good as the 7950 at stock and you can still overclock it if you wanted to! Now the case is a personal preference I just kept the one you choose, usually I like to go with one that has everything I want and alot of fans and room for fans. For the PSU, I chose something that would run your system fine and was 80+ bronze certified. I would recommend if you could maybe spending 20£ extra pounds and getting a 600W+ PSU thats also 80+ bronze or better. The PSU that Miskonius used is overkill and alittle too expensive for what you need. If you would like I can change the build up a little, by changing up the ram and the PSU and such. Good Luck and Happy Building!

Very nice build again Dr_Jetix, the only thing i would chance , is the ramm you chosed, high profile (high heat spreader) that cpu cooler will cover the first memory slot on the mainboard, if you install that cooler the natural way, so you wont be able to install those highprofile ram module in slot 1/3 for dual chanel, only in 2/4.

so if you could chance them to modules with low heatspreaders, i think thats a better option.

power supply is the minimum

Grtz Angel ☺

I totally agree, thanks for catching that. And I do also agree about the PSU, its the minimum you want to have it.

i think ur MOBO doesn't support 2133mhz memory

The PSU that Miskonius used is overkill and alittle too expensive for what you need


Can you elaborate on this?


There are PSU that are a lot cheaper and will do everything that he needs. A Gold certified PSU is cool and all but its not Price effective. He would be loseing out on preformance  that he could have had with a cheaper yet still great PSU and a better graphics card ,etc.

So its better to buy 2133mhz ram and completely waste his money?

Are you aware that EVGA gives 10 years warranty for that PSU?

i understand that, but why waste money on something that he doesn't need. I gave him a build with 2133mhz of RAM because i said that I improved upon what his original build was. I than explained that in the long wall of text that you do not need 2133 if you are just gaming, and that 1600 or 1866 would do him just fine. Why spend more than he has to on a PSU that won't increase his performance at all when he could get a perfectly good PSU that is still 80+ bronze certified and use the money he has else where. I told him if it suited him more that I could change up the build so that I could ajust the RAM and the PSU, etc accordingly. You do not need a gold certified PSU on a 650£ build.

PSU and MB are the most importan pieces of HW on every system those are the things that chnage last.

I have been reading your posts and i have come to the conclusion that you know nothing about PSU (advising the guy to buy 2133Mhz ram made me think about your general knowledge of HW), since you find 650W (real 650W) gold psu with a 10 years warranty needles...

You are aware that crap you advise him to buy has only 456W of real power.

Very questionable 456w if I may add...

But thats enough for me on this thread, the thread owner has heard everything that he should...

Corsair is a very reputable brand, I have already explained that I have already explained that he does not need 2133 mhZ RAM and that i just tried to build upon the PC he already had.. He shouldn't have to buy a gold certified PSU for a 650£ build it's rediculous, you can ask almost anyone on the site and they will tell you that they would pick the 2133mhz over an un necessary PSU any day. I was even looking at some of the other thread and there are people who agree that you are spending to much money on the PSU and that it takes away from the effectiveness of your builds. But ofcourse you are intitled to your opinion. So prehaps it is you who has no knowledge of PSU's.

Again you dont know when to stop, your build will requires minimum wattage of ~420w and you recomended him to buy 456w psu.

Very inteligent...

Corsair doesnt make psu's, it only stick its labels on them...

Did you know thar Mr. Knowitallaboutpsu's?  LOL