Can someone a little more educated look this over before I hit 'buy'?

I'm on a pretty strict budget of £270. I've got a Cooler Master Elite 430 that my friend donated and I'm taking a hard drive from my old computer, as well as a copy of Windows 7. All parts are from Scan, mostly to skimp on delivery costs and because they are running a promotion where I can get ACIII with my GPU. I'm aware that the GTX 650 isn't the best value for money, but it's better than spending 50 quid on a HD 6670 and buy ACIII for £30 separately, like I was going to.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition - £71.95

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 - £39.34

Memory: Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600MHz - £16.08

GPU: EVGA Superclocked GTX 650 (comes with Assassin's Creed 3) - £91.98

PSU: Corsair CX500W Builder's Series - £40.20

Delivery: £10.98

Total Price: £270.53




I have no comments on the build, other than "Hey. I'm getting that same CPU." But I do have to ask about Scan. Is it available for US residents, as well? The shipping on items over on Newegg is killing me and if I could get the same stuff with cheaper shipping, that would be awesome.

Yay! CPU buddies! I don't think that they do ship to the US, and if they did you'd be paying wayyy more. We Brits have to pay 20% VAT on everything. Is Newegg's shipping charge really that extortionate?

I just realized that your price list is in pounds. When I saw 10.XX I was all 'That's fifteen bucks I can save!' but then I saw it was in pounds. My total shipping is about $25. Then, I do have a few more items.

And yes, we are CPU buddies! :D What's your build for anyway? If you posted it in the topic post, I missed it.

Looks fine to me, but keep in mind the Phenom is getting really old... it still runs great but you might want to take a look at the new AMD cpu's.

When you say new, do you mean the APUs or something like an FX? I'm going with the Phenom because it's in my price range and is easily twice the processor I've got.

bassfire, almost everything on amazon has free shipping....

It's £20 cheaper than any FX quadcore out right now, and beats or matches it in most areas. It's AM3+ so I can always upgrade to AMD's next CPU line, hopefully.

I'm quite eager to replace my creaky old Xbox ;D I'm just trying to build a decent-ish PC for games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Skyrim. 

Amazon, you say? I'll look. If I can get the parts cheaper, I may be able to upgrade my case.


Build looks good, and the CPU overclocks really well. The motherboard on the other hand is probably not that OC friendly but you can get a cheap cooler like the Hyper TX3 later on to max out its potential and reduce noise.

No luck. They don't sell the same items so I'm spending more ($40 after shipping) to get the same quality build with slower RAM and a 1GB 6670 instead of a 2GB. :/ I'll be sticking to Newegg. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Do you have any links to Overclocking tutorials? I've never built before but I'd really like to OC this as far as it will go with the stock cooler.