Can somebody link me to an up to date HTC One X Evita Root/Flash guide?

For the love of god, I can not find one that works and isn't two years old. What do I have to do, if I have to do it manually. 

I am about to sell this damn thing and get a Nexus 5. HTC shit all over Android with these phones.


Head over to XDA, even old guides are usually relevant in most cases as the phones do not change and even the revisions to android do very little to block off flashing methods. You should be on to a good thing over in the HTC One forums on XDA Developers website.

I tried XDA a month ago and no one there could help me with the ADB stuff. I was getting errors.

Is it a US AT&T variant or a regular One X

US AT&T. Sorry for the slow reply.

No problem. I was just wondering so I can do some snooping myself. Be back soon.

EDIT: Back and found this. From December last year so it is about as up to date as it will get for the One X. I do not have a One X so I cannot tell you if it will work but it is working for those on the forums. 

Also this: with a not that beyond a certain version there seems to be no exploit and you are locked. Best check that before starting. Have you been getting all the updates?