Can QuickAssist Technology run in a VM?

Can QuickAssist Technology work in pfsense as a kvm under Proxmox?

Does anything use QuickAssist?

Apparently, it helps in firewall uses like pfsense, which is what I'm going to be using.

Uhh... I'm not sure where Quick Assist stands in the pfSense situation.

How many VPN clients do you plan on supporting? I don't think it pays off until you are like in the teens of simultaneous users, and have the bandwidth to saturate your CPU.

OpenVPN uses AES-NI, and on my system under VeraCrypt, I can do about 3GB/s of encryption. I don't know if that is a similar translation to OpenVPN, but that's a hell of a lot of bandwidth.

I've been running pfSense at work for the last 3 years, on a Core 2 Quad Q9400 (or something like that) which has no acceleration whatsoever for encryption. It seems to work just fine with 5 OpenVPN users and our 20/200Mbps connection. Admittedly that's not a huge pipe or a lot of users, but the CPU is practically idle.

I wouldn't really worry about it yet.

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