Can PSU induce GPU coilwhine?

Hey all,
I have a 750w ThermalTake Toughpower TPG-750m (click for specs) in my rig.

I sent back my MSI GTX 960 2GB for a refund (click for my thread) due to the loudest coilwhine ive ever experience from a card.

Before sending back the card I did alot of research into coilwhine and the card itself to see if the problem was common with the card (which it wasnt) .

I stumbled into a number of threads mentioning that coilwhine can be caused by the PSU.

Im already waiting to upgrade my PSU, as the fan has started making various noises from a "jugga-jugga-jugga" type noise to various levels of high and low clicking sounds which happen at random.
Ive had it for 4-5 years now and it has done its job, but ive searched into the problem and it appears it is a fairly common fault with the series. So ill be going with a different brand next time round.

My question, (I know a PSU can cause coilwhine) but can a PSU induce coilwhine?
Can a PSU make a GPU coilwhine when it didnt before?
Can it cause it to continue coilwhine, even after the PSU has been replaced?

I ask this because I have a replacement card (MSI GTX 960 4GB) waiting to go in. But im scared of sticking it in before getting my new PSU just incase it causes the card to start whining.

But im getting pretty bored of not being able to play any of my games without a dedicated GPU (im going crazy in fact).

The onboard graphics are coming off the CPU which is a i5 4690k (not overclocked), which currently only has a stock cooler on it. So im not really to comfortable with that either.

Thanks in advance.

Yes they can cause coil whine. That's the simplest answer.

sent back as in returned? because if so a 380 is faster overall than a 960

in any case, I'd imagine it's possible for a PSU to have damaged a GPU in some way to cause coil whine.

I'm not an expert but if the power supply is up to the load. Supplying the amps on the 5V and 12V rails. I cant see how it would matter ?

Yes they can cause coilwhine, but can it induce it? Make a card that didnt coilwhine before being hooked up to it (and since "inducing" it) cause it to continue to whine even after switching out the PSU?

Yes, I went through this with someone else in my previous thread.

The 380 out preforms in few benchmarks (which would mean reducing 1 graphical setting for the 960), runs hotter and uses more power.

My last card was AMD, so I want to give Nvidia a go.

Also this is just a filler card until I can afford a 980ti :>

It's a fair bit faster especially at 1440p, and power usage is going to be about the same

it also looks like AMD cards are going to support DX12/Vulkan better, so that'll matter in the near future

if you're gaming at 1080p buy a 4K display before you buy a high end GPU, and all the new stuff is going to be out in a few months anyways so you'd be better off waiting for that

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Nice video, ive already got the card tho, just afraid to put it in just incase my PSU induces coilwhine which I cant get rid of even after I get my new PSU. Which I still cant afford, so 4k monitors are not even on my list yet :p

Well if you were looking for a replacement than you'd want the 600B from EVGA probably at $45

Im going Platinum :p

Probably not necessary, especially given that you have mid range hardware.

Maybe, least ill know it should run everything smoothly no matter what. Also when I got for a big upgrade, the PSU will be the last thing ill need to think about.

Well shit, go Titanium, only $220 for a 750W

or the PSU to get if you want overkill, 1000W Platinum

I doubt id go for 1000w as I doubt ill ever really get into multi GPU set-up.

What brands would you recommend when looking into getting a new PSU?

I was looking into Corsair HX series, but I read bad reviews, everything from coilwhine and noise grindy sounding fans, so that put me off Corsair.

Also, should I just put my new GPU in, without waiting to get my new PSU and see what happens, or should I wait?

The power supply you have right now, although quite old, is decent. Try putting in your new GPU in - doing so shouldn't hurt the new GPU. Coil whine is quite safe, despite how annoying it can be.

Here's a review I found of your power supply if you're interested:

As for power supply brands/models, EVGA's G2 is quite popular. If you still want to go for Platinum, EVGA has the same platform but in 80+ platinum under the P2 lineup.

I just noticed that you didn't quite get clear answers.

My question, (I know a PSU can cause coilwhine) but can a PSU induce coilwhine? Yes.
Can a PSU make a GPU coilwhine when it didnt before? Yes.
Can it cause it to continue coilwhine, even after the PSU has been replaced? As far as I know, no.

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Hey thanks for the responses.

Its given me more confidence to put my card in, instead of waiting to get my new PSU. and I am tired of waiting.

I know my PSU I got now is pretty good, im replacing it mainly because of the fan issue, which has been a reported common fault with ThermalTake PSUs. The review I read that was the deciding factor to buying my current PSU was a comparison review vs to other different PSU's.

I cant find the review, but the Themaltake one came up on top, even in crossfire SLI testing. Thermaltake seem to have a good rep for making good quaility PSUs (but crappy fans) they generally get good reviews.

I have another question asking of your opinion. One time when I was upgrading my motherboard and CPU, when I was reinstalling my old GPU (a XFX HD 6870 1gb) I forgot to put both of the 6 pin connectors back into the card. I only reconnected one of the six pins to the connect, tho both was plugged into the PSU.

When I turned it on, this horrible noise starting coming out of my machine and it didnt boot. I freaked out and unplugged my computer, thinking i had fried it. I didnt even noticed I had forgot to plug in 1 of the 6 pins till after I rechecked my computer. (I felt like an idiot)

My question, could this of harmed my PSU? Could this pose a risk to future upgraded components such as my new GPU (MSI GTX 960 4GB0 <--- this card only needs 1 8pin.

Thanks for your help and time.

Basicly every electrical part inside your system can cause coilwine.
Coilwine is something that you can't realy do much about.
I´m not even sure if they will accept it as a vallid rma point.
Coilwine is basicly allways existant, but sometimes its more audible then other times.

It can be the PSU but I doubt it.
Things more likely to "promote" coilwhine are mainboards on the inside and bigger industry companies on the outside.

Unlikely. The Thoughpower only has one rail so it is dead or alive, not dead and alive as some multirail-PSUs can be.

While I have not had the problem it is a GFX card thing only ?

Setting vsync on can fix it. Because it comes from high frame rates ?

I may be wrong but that is what I have come across on the matter.