Can not launch BF3/BF4 unless Clean Boot State

Randomly, I can no longer launch single/multiplayer for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. In browser it always gets stuck on "Joining Server" and no instance of the game is ever launched .

At first I thought it was the web plugin for bf acting up again, So just as a safe measure I went to the trouble of doing a clean install of Origin, and my 2 games – with no luck

Eventually I got on the phone with EA/Origin support and he walked me through these 2 steps:
1. Clearing the Origin Cache
2. Clean booth state
After doing these 2 things I was able to play my games again.


by doing a clean boot state it stops many services that i need for day to day stuff.
Clean boot state prevents me from launching Steam, Geforce Experience (for shadowplay), and a few other utilities
If I enable even one start-up service or application, my game will no longer work.

How can I possibly determine which of these services randomly decided to interfere with my game?


Try to turn shadowplay off.
Hope it helps :)

I recently had problems with BF4 as well since I switched firefox to the x64 version and the plugin no longer works and the HTML5 version to launch the game somehow only works with chrome. Even changing the user agent didn't work for me even others have apparently got it to work.

Long story short: I found Battlelogium which is essentially a separate browser just to handle the battelog page and start the game. Maybe that helps?

As usual
did a third-fourth clean re-install of origin and both my games. now it works...